My Mum is an NHS Nurse...


Farah Sarinjan

My Mum is an NHS Nurse...

It’s a scary time all around the UK. Everyone is being told to stay indoors but some people have no choice: my mum is a nurse so she can’t choose to stay away.

I’ve seen the horrible images of intensive care units on the TV and it scares me to think that’s where my mum will be. She says it’s almost inevitable that she’ll catch it but being her selfless self, all she’s worried about it bringing it back to us.

If your parents are key workers, my big message to you is, it’s our parents who are saving the world right now, the real life super heroes. So when they come in each night, try your hardest to care for them. It doesn’t have to be much but a cup of tea, asking them about their day, telling them how brilliantly they’re doing, sharing something positive, making them a cake, doing the shopping, sending a kind text, putting on their favourite song. 

It won’t solve the problem but it may bring a smile and we all need a reason to smile right now.