My First Year Rollercoaster


Sophie Cooknell

My First Year Rollercoaster

Thinking back to September, I remember feeling so excited to move away and start university. I was so fed up being at home and I craved the freedom that I knew uni would bring. Perhaps this is why I found it such a shock weeks later when I realised that I was completely miserable, really struggling with my course and not enjoying living away from home. I always thought I adapted well to change but I honestly found it too much in one go. I nearly dropped out of university in week 4 of autumn term. With the help friends and my sister urging me not to give up everything I had worked so hard for, I decided to persevere and believe me, I am so thankful that I did. The rest of the term was better as I began to settle in. By the end of term I didn’t want to go back home!

In January I was so excited and raring to go back to uni. My friend groups ended up changing a lot this term and even though so much seemed to go wrong, equally so much went right and I am truly grateful that I met the people that I did. They’ve been such a positive impact on me and I have had the best time. I also decided to run to be on committee for a society and I picked up trampolining. I even competed in my first ever competition. So much has gone right this term and now I have been left feeling a little crushed that Coronavirus has cut first year short, however I cannot wait to complete the rest of my time at university and I can’t wait to keep developing as a person.

Roll on second year!