My First Year Regrets


Sophie Cooknell

Having had my first year cut short by Coronavirus, I have been provided with lots of time and this has given me the opportunity to reflect on the last six months. I realise there is so much I wish I did differently and lots I wanted to do over the last few months and so I am compiling all of my regrets in a list.

  1. Not joining a sport in first term. I joined trampolining in second term and I’ve ultimately found my sport however I regret not doing it for the full year and I hate that I missed out on so many competitions and socials with my team.

  2. Not socialising with more people, especially in first term. I realise now I was closing myself off to one group, however had I socialised with other people, I might’ve been happier and it could’ve improved my whole first year experience.

  3. Not getting help from my lecturers and from other students when I needed it. Most of this year I have really struggled and despite knowing that there was support, I didn’t take full advantage of it until this term. Things really got better when I asked for help.

  4. Rushing to sign a house contract. A few months later I dropped out of the contract. I wish I knew there was not so big a rush to find housing for second year. I’ve since signed on a new, much better house and I can’t wait for next year.

  5. Not taking the time to chill and do fun things. I haven’t made it to a single Fab or sports night yet so I will definitely do this next year.

  6. Not exploring Birmingham much.



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