My Favourite First Year Memory


Lucy Stevens

My Favourite First Year Memory

I have many memories from my first year at Cambridge that I will treasure for years to come. However, if I were to choose a standout day this is it. It was in the middle of February and I had just barely survived the dreaded week 5. My best friend had come up from Devon to visit me and it was her first full day staying with me in college.

We had a relaxed morning; I started some essay reading and did some class preparation while she slept. She stayed in my room to study whilst I ventured over to Sidgwick site for a 2-hour class on Land, Property and Power in America. After I returned and we had made lunch, we braved the rain to walk into town. I took her into various colleges, showing her where I went to supervisions, my favourite study spots and even where I do my weekly shop! It was particularly special to be able to show her around given my first serious look around Cambridge was with her and it was on our visit in year 12 that I decided I wanted to apply to Newnham.

In the evening, we went to a Newnham formal and had a lovely time catching up and enjoying the formalities and strange customs which are so at odds with the school environment in which we first met.

The reason this day holds such a special place in my heart despite seeming fairly uneventful is almost exactly that. It was one of my favourite people in one of my favourite places. The perfect combination of my home life and my university life. It was the reminder of home I needed that gave me the boost to get through the remaining 3 weeks of term.