My Dad Lost His Job...

Queen Mary's

Ahmed Kaur

My Dad Lost His Job...

‘It’s over,’ dad said as he walked through the door the other night. His company laid him off - not enough work now with Covid-19. I’ve never seen my dad cry but that night he did. So did mum. It felt weird.

The atmosphere at home has been awful ever since. Dad says he doesn’t have anything to get up for each day. Mum says money is going to be really tight and I don’t know how to help.

I’m guessing lots of you will find yourself in situations like this in the coming months and the rubbish bit is we can’t even escape it. We can’t head out and forget about it, we’re surrounded by it in the house 24/7.

For me, video calls have become the answer - chatting to friends just to change the mood and feel a bit normal. And exercise, going on a run or doing a video online. Anything - just switch off. 

If your family are going through something similar, try to remember so many other people, not only in this country but around the world are facing the same scenario. 

You are not alone and that might just help a little bit.