Moving in with my parents


Georgia Harding

Moving in with my parents

Since the start of social isolation measures, I know many students who faced the decision about to whether to stay at uni or to move back. I decided to do the latter, partly because the rest of my flatmates were doing the same but also because I thought isolation would be easier with some home comforts like a garden and mums cooking!

I’m lucky that I have a really good relationship with my parents! However, after living away from home for nearly 2 years adjusting to us all being stuck in the same building 24/7 is, well, interesting. So, after 10 days of isolation, I’ve come up with a three top tips to help readjust living with your parents.

1)  Respect the house rules / expectations.

Living in my own flat, leaving crumbs on the counter till the next day or eating lunch in bed is accepted. However, my parents live civilised lives and don’t accept this as much. To stop the arguments its easier to abide by the ‘rules’ and make sure I’m cleaning up after myself straight away. It’s the same as if your parents came to visit your uni flat and starting misplacing your things you’d be annoyed!

2)  Make time together.

This is an unprecedented time, everybody’s stressed! So, making time to talk to them and spend time with them that’s enjoyable. For me, I make sure that I don’t have anything planned at teatime so that we can all eat together every night.

3)  Make time for yourself.

Again, this is a stressful time! So, keep yourself occupied and do things you enjoy away from the rest of the house, so it feels like your own space. For me, this has been doing an online dance class every night or going for a walk during the day!