Making The Most of Every Day ...


Francesca Morris

Making The Most of Every Day ...

My second term ended just before this 'lockdown', so it was already in my head that I was going to be spending the next four weeks at home with plenty of work to do (a 3,000 word essay on cystic fibrosis, a cardiovascular and respiratory lab report and a quantitative skills assignment).

When it was announced that my university was closing, the news about cancelled exams and teaching shortly followed. To be honest I was relieved about the exams, because who likes those?! Admittedly though, I was disappointed about not having third term to look forward to. After all, I love my university and I feel extremely lucky to be able to study in higher education.

So, with no revision to do, I’ve been working through the above tasks and getting familiar with new modules ahead of September – I’m particularly excited for Immunology, Infection and Neuropharmacology!

However, don’t be fooled. It definitely hasn’t been all work and no play. I mean, I can’t tell you how many banana breads I’ve made! And with banana bread comes the obligatory cup of tea or coffee.

I’ve been cooking more too. My partner is a doctor and has been working more than usual, so it’s been lovely to try out new recipes (shout out to Pinterest!) to enjoy together when he’s home.

Having more time to speak to my friends and family has been amazing too. I think picking up the phone is something we unintentionally put off during our usual, hectic day-to-day routines.

It’s uncertain when all of this will end, so whether it’s reading a new book, baking something new, trying something like yoga for the first time or perhaps even just spending a day watching Netflix in my pyjamas – I’m certainly going to make the most of every day. 

What will you do?