Lockdown for Medical Applicants


Holly Egan

Lockdown for Medical Applicants

A summer in lockdown can prove challenging for aspiring medics - but a challenge that once overcome will make you feel ready to take on anything. Including your interview (fingers crossed)!

The summer before applying to medical school usually comprises of various volunteering and work experience placements, scattered with entrance exam revision and very little time spent actually relaxing! It’s the summer that makes all the difference, and the summer that still can!

The biggest challenge while having to stay home is finding work experience placements!. But, with the right information and determination, this problem is easily solved.

The NHS is currently crying out for volunteers to help both on the frontline and in other less at-risk wards - there’s numerous websites with ways to sign up to help, and this would look amazing on your PS.

If you don’t want to or can’t work near the frontline, there are other ways to help. Communities up and down the country are enlisting enthusiastic volunteers to deliver food, medication and household essentials to those who cannot leave their home! There’s also the option to stay in the comfort of your bed and be a listening ear via phone call for someone who needs it during this strange and lonely time. Both of these make all the difference to people’s lives and will give you ample to discuss when writing your PS.

Basically, there is something for every aspiring medical student to do while staying at home and protecting the NHS, which will greatly enhance medical school applications. And, along with the mass amounts of time you will have on your hands to revise for your UCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT and write your PS, it will truly make all the difference. 

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