It's all gone wrong!


Zayna Ismal

It's all gone wrong!

This wasn't the plan!

I've been revising for my GCSEs for months and had all my revision planned for the Easter holidays. I worked hard for mocks but knew that with the extra weeks in the holidays and in the run-up to exams, I'd be able to boost my scores even more. 

When we were told last week that the exams were off, I was gutted! Sounds kind of weird, as in one way I was dreading them but now I won't get a chance to prove what I can do.

To start with we were all freaking out that they'd just use our mock scores. For so many of us, we think we could have done way better in the actual exam. Now we've been told quite a few different areas will be looked at, like school work, home work and coursework which is good news. 

I'm hoping all my hard work over the last few years means my teachers will give me the grades I think I could have reached in the exams but waiting feels horrible!