Isolating an Ambitious student


Ruth Opiela

It’s been a couple weeks since we were all informed of the dreaded news. As a year 11 student, with heaps of gcse revision now lying around my room, it’s obvious it would be easy to leave it there

I mean, every tear that’d been shed on mind maps, every pound spent on new pens for revision, every night spent till’ 1am preparing for an exam, gone to waste.

Fortunately, I have a mind consumed with ambition, anyone could confirm that, so never in the history of existence would those thoughts affect my attitude towards work and learning; using my time in isolation to further develop the things I love to do – writing, singing to the walls, indulging in literature, baking treats I wouldn’t normally have time to enjoy and sleeping in until 9am.

As an introvert, I find it easier working alone and not having so people around me.  Studying at home for me has been so comforting. I have my own space, my own peace, my own time to pause and my own judgement over whether I’ll publish a book or make it to Oxford or not.

No, as much as i love it, school really does push it for so many hard workers.

But isolation has definitely had its hardships. In january, my 15-year-old sister was in a serious car accident and since lockdown, I haven’t been able to visit her or my mum. This, alongside with gcses and being isolated has made it a lot harder for me. I’m learning to tackle every obstacle with a positive solution because,we will make it through this.

We’re in the eye of the storm, and even the storm has an eyelid, right?

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