I Was Never A Bright Uni Student

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Alyana Ferrer, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

I Was Never A Bright Uni Student

“I was never a bright uni student” have you ever felt this way too? Yes, I did and I still do. My brain has always the power to whisper lies I tend to believe. From the beginning of my university journey up to the present time (an incoming sophomore), I doubt myself because of this lie.

Guess what I’m going to say next! I came to my senses and composed myself that I need to stop dwelling in this lie for it is JUST A LIE.

Trust issues with believing in myself and in what I can do became my worst nightmare as I enter the university of my choice. How I feel may seem to be concealed and I may look so put together outside but inside I was screaming.

I used to believe that being an Asian university student was just easy, not until I was exposed. Family, friends, mentors, and other concerned people in your life are on your side, but at the end of the day, the work is on you.

Maybe we’re on the same chapter of our lives right now, where you and I are healing and learning that accepting who you are is the first step to more opportunities life could offer you.

As a business student, learning and applying Accounting skills have been my weakness but I told myself that it may be hard for me but it isn’t impossible. Part of knowing yourself is finding the right study habit for you, you can learn from others but your experience is the best teacher. Tadaaa, I may not be the best version of myself right now but I’m growing, growing out of my comfort zone and this is what makes me a bright student.

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