I Changed My Course, And It Changed My Life

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Sabita Burke

I Changed My Course, And It Changed My Life

As I come to the end of my university career, I often find myself reflecting on my past three years. The feeling that my mind keeps coming back to is satisfaction: I know I made the right choices. Although I relished uni and am now saying goodbye with sorrow, in my first year it took me a lot of thinking, tears and sleepless nights to be able to enjoy every moment to the point where I'm now looking back with blissful nostalgia.

I originally started my degree studying joint honours English Language and Literature. I'd included literature when doing UCAS during my gap year, simply because that's what I thought would be more "prestigious". It turns out, though, that it's just not worth studying something you don't love. At the end of first year I decided that, although I had gained so much from studying literature, it was time to focus on my passion: English Language.

Switching to single honours gave me the freedom I craved. I now had space to take modules I was excited by, and allowed me to learn more about the language features of autism and dementia, how people discriminate against minority groups in newspaper discourse, and even Spanish as an optional module, which I never would have been able to do within the restrictions of taking two main subjects. Best of all, it was super easy to change my course. I simply went to my student support centre and filled out a form, ready to start my new course the next autumn.

Two years later and I've somehow managed to nab three awards for outstanding academic achievement (pictured), something I never would have had a shot at if I'd taken half my degree in a subject I wasn't in love with. And, despite my worries, my job prospects haven't worsened at all.

Don't for a moment be afraid to change your course if it's going to make you happier.

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