I'm fine...


Sammi Edwards

I'm fine...

How are you? I’m fine.

When you’ve said it enough times you start to believe it but are you actually fine. When I first started seeing the news that vulnerable people had to stay in for three months, I knew that included me. My lung condition means this virus would be bad for me, like really bad.

My friends texted, my family asked ‘how are you?’ And I said I was fine. What was I meant to say?

But as the days progressed and I saw the NHS staff in space suits, nursing critically ill patients, when I saw van loads of ventilators arriving in cities and when I heard that young people were dying, well let’s face it I was far from fine. I was scared.

I kept it in, worrying inside but not wanting to burden anyone but that just made it worse. Eventually I broke down in tears, told my mum I was frightened (no hugs with social distancing!) but she listened, provided kind words and a cup of tea and no it didn’t make my fears go away but it did make me feel a bit better and now that’s what I'm trying to do; voice my fears, tell my friends it’s scary and we’ve also put more of a plan in place at home.

I’ve discussed with my family the best ways I can be protected from this - we’re all scrubbing those hands, my family are now taking  clothes off at the front door if they’ve been out and we’re social distancing as much as we can. This isn’t a solution but to know the people around me are trying their best is helping me to feel better.

If you fit into this vulnerable category, I really am thinking of you!