From Birmingham to Cardiff


Georgia Glenn

From Birmingham to Cardiff

As any A level student, deciding on a university where I would (hopefully) spend the next 3 years of my life seemed like the most daunting decision of all my 18 years. I had been through the entire school system; private, grammar, and comprehensive. My sixth form school was the comprehensive; but it gave me the best possible chance of achieving my dreams. It drove me to do my best, it encouraged me to aim high. At my other schools, I felt abandoned because I wasn’t the top of my class and so, didn’t matter.

I went to 9 different university open days, trawling up and down the country in the hopes of finding one that felt like ‘home’. After I had been to my 8th open day, I thought I had been to all the ones I needed to go, almost automatically discarding Cardiff. In my head, I was willing to settle not only on the high grades they wanted me to achieve, but also because I was tired of seeing all these different places and needed to focus on a goal so I could carry on with my studies. It was, in fact, my dad who convinced me to go and visit Cardiff. He said that it doesn’t matter if I don’t like it, at least I’ve been and tried.

Apart from the low (and fitting) grade requirements, I would not have applied to Cardiff. Yes it was a Russell Group university (which was a personal goal for me) but it was literally in a different country and I had never even been to Wales, let alone the university. Still, I went to the open day and as soon as I set foot on the campus, it became my second home. Call it fate, or coincidence or whatever; I was meant to be at Cardiff University and I wouldn’t change a thing.

By Georgia Glenn @gee.glenn