Five Things I Do Alone to Chill During Lockdown (and Take My Mind Off The Pandemic)


Iulia Bock

Five Things I Do Alone to Chill During Lockdown (and Take My Mind Off The Pandemic)

I am a second year medical student at the University of Leeds and here’s what I do to chill these days:

1 - Reading: I had heard about this book about 1000 times before reading it, so I finally read it: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I recommend it, especially during this time when it seems another species is messing with our species?! It puts things into an interesting perspective and I think it’s the sort of book that appeals to anyone, no matter what your degree or interests are.

2 - Recipe: I am vegetarian and I have recently tried this intuitively called ‘Next Level Mac’n’Cheese’ recipe I found on Pinterest (the heavenly source of all good things). I’m just gonna say that my dad is a big meat-lover and he couldn’t get enough of my veggie pasta. #proud 

Find the recipe here :

3 - Art: Most of the time, I feel hopeless when it comes to art – but there is one thing that always makes me feel more confident: collage. There’s literally no rules or limits of stuff you can come up with to do a collage and it is such great fun. Seriously, just give it a try and see what comes out!

4 - Exercise: I try (emphasis on *try*) to keep up with daily exercise of some sort. This include a stretch in the morning, a full extreme fitness workout, a chill run… Whatever it is, I think giving my body the impression that I’m not in lockdown helps me a lot.

5 - Apps: Two apps I found great during lockdown are: *drumroll* Duolingo and Forest.

Duolingo is really good for getting a head start avec vos français (?) skills (or any other language including Hawaiian – for your upcoming trip to Hawaii of course). It’s free and good fun.

Forest is an app that helps you focus by planting trees in your virtual... forest. Keeping up with work is also important during lockdown, so I use Forest every time I do Uni work. My fave part is that you can plant with friends! Check it out! Links

Hope this inspires you to try some of the above (try the pasta, trust me)! - Iulia

By Iulia Bock

University of Leeds