Family already driving you mad?


Lily Benson

Family already driving you mad?

Exiting Exeter...what a sorry statement.

I was excited to head home over the holidays and see my family and friends but now, I definitely won't be seeing my friends and maybe I'll be seeing a little too much of my family...

I'm sure many of you are in the same position, so I'm going to share some tips on coping with family dynamics:

Remember - everyone in your household is probably stressed right now. Keep in mind, that everyone is having to cope with a lot - whether it be health, job concerns, studies, we are all going through something. People react differently when stressed, so try not to take this personally.

Ask - if you are finding you want to talk/need to get something off your chest, ask the person you feel can support you best. Say to them that you would like to chat but ask them when may be a good time; you don't want to sit down for a big chat when they are dealing with a stress of their own.

Find the right person - talk to someone who can relate. This may be someone in your house but equally it could be someone outside of it - so get on FaceTime - friends are all facing similar situations. Tell them home life is stressful, have a good rant, it will make you feel better!

Try to help out - be there for your family, working together is key right now, so ask what you can do to help.

Make time for a bit of normality - scrolling endlessly throught the news, constantly thinking about and discussing Covid-19, is enough to bring anyone down. Get your family to take some time out each day, be it watching a TV programme, having a cup of tea or playing a game. A moment to switch off is really important.