English Literature Society's Online Initiatives


Katie May

English Literature Society's Online Initiatives

As a course based society, we focus on providing in-person socials for English Lit students to meet each other, hang out with their friends and participate in fun activities like quizzes and pub crawls. Covid-19 has meant we have had to drastically change how we run our society.

The 26th March 2020 was meant to be our annual ball, this is our largest event of the year with 150 people planning to attend. My fellow committee members and I had worked tirelessly all year to organise this ball, raising funds, designing and making the decorations. A few weeks ago, after having seen what was happening to large events in Italy, we made the difficult call to cancel our ball to make sure we didn’t lose any money should we be forced to cancel at a later date - thankfully we did!

Whilst disappointed that our ball and other planned events couldn’t take place, we still want to make sure we are keeping our members connected and entertained in this stressful period. So far we have been engaging members through Instagram questions asking for reading recommendations, sharing what our members are doing in their isolation, and this coming weekend we are hosting our first ever online book club – which we hope to make a weekly event – via Zoom. We’re hoping to host other online events such as quizzes for the rest of the semester.

Although it’s a challenging time for everyone, as a committee we are trying to be creative in finding new ways to interact with our members.

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