Covered Market


Tilly Rose

Walking through the Oxford Covered Market feels a little like stepping back in time. Whilst the products themselves are contemporary, most of the shops are one-offs showcasing local food, drink and crafts.

Rather than buying everything in the supermarket,you head to the florist, then to the butchers, then to the pie shop and onto the ice cream parlour. This might sound like a waste if time but trust me, once you're inside the Covered Market, you won't want to leave and the quality of the products makes it totally worth it! The building, which dates back to 1770s, oozes charm and character. Old-fashioned signs hang off the shopfronts and passage ways adorned with beams and twinkling lights.

There are over 40 traders selling food, gifts, shoes, fashion, flowers and jewellery. Every shop is unique and personal and loved by inhabitants and tourists alike.

It's a must-see when visiting Oxford!

Top Tips

  • It's the perfect place to browse, with such a selection of shops all in once place.

  • The food is to die for; cookies, milkshakes, cakes, pies, brunch, ice-cream and cheese all at your finger-tips.

  • The Covered Market is located in the centre of Oxford. You can access it from the High Street, Market Street or through Golden cross in Corn market.

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