Corona Virus in Germany

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Sarah Clauberg, Germany

Corona Virus in Germany

Starting into the new year after the winter holidays was just as it has been for the past 10 years of my life: on the one hand I was looking forward to see my friends, but on the other hand a huge part of me felt like there should have been some more weeks of holidays.

As January continued, Coronavirus began to spread through the news.

At that time in Germany, people made some corona beer jokes and did not really take this virus seriously, everyone thought that it was far enough away.

If someone had told me that the schools were to shut down in a few weeks, I would have laughed.

But suddenly, all at once on a Friday afternoon we were informed that the ministry decided to close all schools until the end of Easter, which meant for the next five weeks. I just could not believe it, it was like a terrible apocalyptic movie.

People started to buy tons of pasta and toilet paper ( though I cannot see the deeper sense in it) and more and more masks sneaked into the public view.

Suddenly, the Virus had come very close, and corona beer jokes were drained.

Sadly, my excursion to Poland and many concerts had been cancelled as public life began to be restricted. But I still hoped that within a few weeks, life would go back to normal. 

Well, that was a little to overoptimistic I´d say now.

However, yesterday I received an email from the summer school I applied for, which I had really looked forward to, in which they said that would be irresponsible to open this year.

This was the moment were I started to be very angry at  Coronavirus, it had shattered my plans for this year so far, and made me sit at home most of the day not being able to progress. I went to bed very disappointed.

Today I woke up and felt way better. I know there are a lot of people saying that Coronavirus is also offering us chances to have some family time and time to focus on yourself, and although I agree with that to a certain point, I do not want to preach it to you.

When I woke up today, I found myself wondering why I had put so much energy in being angry of Coronavirus and shoot it at the moon mentally (which did not interest the Virus at all by the way!). That energy was wasted, for it does not change anything a single bit.

This morning I thought that I could instead put all this energy that I used to put in worrying about the Virus into working towards my personal goals. It is up to me what I make out of this situation. 

Therefore I started informing myself about the Oxford Colleges today, for I absolutely want to go to Oxford next year and was able to use the time and energy very effectively now.

I do not want to say, that you all should now be as over motivated as I am, but maybe you might consider that it does not help being angry, and you could do many other things!

I want to encourage you all to start working on a project you always wanted to do because getting something done is satisfying.

Satisfaction will help you going through this time, until the worst is over.

And so, after it has become a lecture of morality yet ( against my intentions, I promise!) what else will there be as to say: Life goes on!