Corona Has Killed my Australian Dream - My Thoughts


Beccy Reeves

Corona Has Killed my Australian Dream - My Thoughts


Obviously given the current circumstances, my mourning over having my study abroad year cancelled is nothing in comparison to the real losses occurring every day around the world. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to have to revaluate your expectations for next year and come to terms with your new reality. 

I was set to spend my next academic year studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia, (hopefully) gaining a much-needed tan. But my pale skin aside, the prospect of spending a year in Australia was important to me for a rather simple reason: it meant that I would get to spend an extra year at university, ultimately delaying the inevitability of getting a job and becoming a real adult.To me, this is a terrifying prospect because I still haven’t a single clue about what I want to do in life and who I want to become. The year abroad would have given me some additional time to think and plan. As a result, I now feel very behind in life, especially as your penultimate year at university is typically the time to gain some work experience with a summer internship, but the summer of my penultimate year will be spent indoors becoming paler than I thought humanly possible.

I am hurtling towards graduatingin 2021 without even an inkling of a post-university plan. Judging by my last 2 years at university, I know this will sneak up incredibly quick and hit me rather unexpectedly. Australia was not just a chance to gain a new experience but a means of delaying the inevitable. Therefore, I am not necessarily saddened over the loss of a year in Australia, because in theory I can go anytime, but upset over the loss of the much-needed ‘breather’ year that Australia promised.