Choosing a University Without Open Days


Izzy Duffy-Cross

If you’re in Year 12 like me, you’re starting to realise just how quickly university applications are coming. As an extremely indecisive person, I was relying on Open Days to help me choose but with the Coronavirus potentially cancelling such events, we have to face the reality Open Days may not be taking place. Instead, I’ve rounded up some top tips for how we can make these important decisions from home.

University Websites

This one is quite obvious, but the universities all have lots of information about courses, student life and more on their webpages, so researching different courses and options here can be one way to learn the basics about what you can study and where you can study.

Alternative Prospectuses

Lots of universities will have alternative prospectuses written by students designed for applicants. They’re often more informal than the official web pages but they’re so helpful in finding out what a course or university is really like because they come from those experiencing it.


Watching You Tube can be a fun way to spend your downtime, and by watching some of the many university vloggers there are out there, you can gain an insight into what it would be like to study somewhere. Recommendations include Paige Y, Eve Bennett, Jack Edwards, Mei-Ying Chow, Lydia Violetta, Nayna Florence and of course That University Student!

Getting in Touch

Contacting current students through social media or The Student Room can be a good way to have your burning questions answered or emailing the university’s tutors themselves to ask about their course.

Thanks to the internet, finding somewhere that’s right for you without even visiting it is now easier than ever, so good luck to all my fellow future applicants out there!

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