Choosing A Course: Head vs Heart

UK Universities

Frankie Higginson

Choosing A Course: Head vs Heart

Choosing a university course is not always straightforward - there are loads of factors to take into

consideration. For me personally, I always thought English was the course for me, but when it came time to apply, there was pressure to choose a more ‘practical’ course with more direct career prospects. This is when it becomes a matter of ‘Head vs Heart’ - should I study a course I’m passionate about or should I go for what seems like the more sensible option? In the end, I went with my heart and decided to study English with Sociology and I am so glad I did.

It can be tempting to abandon your dream course for something that seems to lead to an abundance of

well paid jobs. I was always told to ‘go with where the jobs are’. But let’s be honest, three years is a long time to spend studying something that you don’t enjoy - and if you don’t enjoy your course, it could show in your work. For me personally, it was the stigma surrounding English courses that was putting me off and the idea that it wouldn’t get me a ‘real’ job after graduation. 

But after research, I found that it could lead to many careers that would suit me. So, that would be my biggest tip to anybody in a similar situation - research, research research! Sites like and the UCAS websites were useful for me when weighing up my options. I would also recommend going to open days if you can and have a chat with people who are doing your course of interest.

Remember that it is your decision and nobody else's - it’s your university experience and your future, so

do your own research and find out what works for you - don’t worry about what anyone else thinks you

should study!