Cambridge Night Life



Cambridge Night Life

Ah, Cambridge. The university of academic rigour, endless libraries… and that’s it, right?

Before I came to Cambridge, I’d heard tales about how the social life is essentially non-existent. How wrong could they be! Cambridge has a myriad of different things to help you take your mind off your studies, including theatre, sports and our infamous night life. Although the latter is not quite as good as the universities in larger cities, it definitely doesn’t deserve the reputation it seems to have!

Cambridge has a variety of clubs, each with their own individual styles depending on which night you go. Ask any Cambridge student and they can instantly tell you about Wednesday “Cindies”, Friday “Fez” etc. You will pretty quickly find out which ones you prefer – I definitely encourage you all to have an explore! Many clubs have free or reduced entry before a certain time, and this is a great opportunity to try out a night you haven’t been to before!

I live in a very small city (smaller than Cambridge!!) and was quite nervous about going out for the first time. If anyone is in the same boat as I was, but is keen try it out, there are many fun themed nights which have a super friendly atmosphere, perfect for first time goers! My first night out was to a Disney night and I had a great time jamming to Hakuna Matata and screaming Let It Go with friends.

And that brings me on to my final point - any night can be the best night ever if you go with some great people. The clubs in Cambridge may be small, but it is really the people that count! Dancing with my friends at 2 in the morning dressed as a Tellytubby on Halloween will forever be one of my best (and most embarrassing) memories.

So whether you’re a clubbing connoisseur, or if you’re just reading this out of lockdown-boredom and have absolutely no intention of ever setting foot in a club, I encourage you to take a break and have some fun! You absolutely deserve it.

(Just don’t forget to get some cheesy chips on the way back for that authentic Cambridge experience!)

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