Bye Bye Bristol


Fran Gold

Bye Bye Bristol

Today Bristol announced that all uni building are closing, except halls. This is 100% the right thing to do but it's also a decision that has filled many of us with sadness.

The Bristol we knew and loved has changed; the streets are empty, the local cafes are shut and most of the students have gone home.

BUT, not everything has to stop:

* Online libraries are now the answer - logon and keep that reading up!

* Teaching will be delivered online from 20th April - no excuses to miss lectures (though you can now legitimately do them in your pjs!)

* Regardless of where you are in the world, Bristol will endeavour to support you so that you will be able to continue your studies, assessment or supervision online.

So ONLINE is the way forward and I'm excited to keep you connected to Bristol life on this online campus 'That University Student' - watch this space!