Applying for Dentistry


Chloe Russell Williams

Applying for Dentistry

Starting University is without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of our lives so far. A new city, new friends, new opportunities and finally being able to study something you enjoy. I could finally say I was a dental student! Although my first year of university was by far the happiest year of my life ( if you can even call it a year because of covid) , one thing I did struggle with was the very daunting, new feeling of not feeling good enough for my degree.

University is a completely different experience to being in school, I was the only person in my sixth form with a passion for dentistry and all of a sudden in September I was surrounded by super intelligent, super academic medics and dentists! This has been a great experience because we were all there for each other to offer support and help each other with work. Although, when everyone else is receiving almost perfect grades - 80%’ and 90% everywhere, suddenly your hard work to achieve 70% does not seem so impressive. I found that even if I tried my absolute best, there were still many, many people who were more intelligent. Being one of the very few students who came from a state school in special measures, I felt like I would never be able to keep up with my grammar and private school peers.

The most important thing I have learnt during my foundation year at university is not the anatomy or medical knowledge, it is the importance of focusing on your own progress and not comparing it to others. If you are on track to completing your own personal goals, then that is AMAZING! It does not matter what everyone else is doing, trying your best, reflecting on your work, and seeing personal improvement is the best thing . If the university thinks you are worthy enough of that place on the degree, then there is no reason for you to think you are not good enough to be on that course.

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