A University Student Staying Sane Inside

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A University Student Staying Sane Inside

So yes, like everyone here I am a university student now studying my degree online. My degree is marine vertebrate zoology, I love the marine world. This situation has been hard on my motivation levels. It’s too easy to do nothing as I can ‘just do it later’, but is that best for your mental health? To be honest my motivation at the start of this lockdown was lacking.

My departure from university was very abrupt, one minute I was at Bangor, with its beautiful coastline, and the next I was driving home not knowing when I’d return, leaving my friends and boyfriend. I was sad, and didn’t want to do a lot, especially not work. Since coming home, I have got a little bit back on track.

My main advice to any university student is keeping busy. Coming home again can be quite daunting, especially when you’re used to your own space. I found myself making a to do list of work, trying to stay on top of studying keeping my brain busy and me sane. Take up hobbies, do stuff you love. I have found my love for reading again, getting lost in an imaginary world that isn’t in the midst of a pandemic. 

Keep moving, the endorphins from working out will help you maintain a healthy mindset and take care of your mental health, just a walk will help. Whatever you love, now is the time to do it, or start something new. Yes, this all can be overwhelming and there will be some days when you don’t want to get up out of bed and that is ok. Not every day has to be perfect, every day you just have to stay safe.

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