A Girl - Studying Computing...

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Katie Hazel

A Girl - Studying Computing...

Ever since I attended nursery at the age of three, the subject of ICT has always followed me. I remember being fascinated that we were able to draw shapes on Windows Paint. I once was so proud of a tree that I had drew that my nursery teacher told me to print it off, and I got a gold star for it.

Since then, I have seemed to be quite good at the subject. It was my highest grade in my primary school reports, my highest grade for my GCSEs, and my highest grade for my A Levels…
I can’t believe that I nearly didn’t take it for my GCSEs! I nearly opted for Food, but it felt wrong not to have ICT on my timetable, so swapped it.

As a girl applying to what is perhaps seen as a male-dominated subject and industry, it can be pretty nerve-wracking. I was determined to get onto a Computing course though, so I could continue learning about this ever-growing subject.

It did help having an inspirational teacher. My ICT teacher, for both GCSE and A Level equivalent, was probably the best teacher I’ll ever have. We all have that one teacher who we will forever remember. (To Mrs H, thank you for being that teacher).

I’ve been trying to change how ICT is percieved by younger people. During my two sixth form years, I acted as a Student Teaching Assistant; I sat in loads of lower school lessons, talking to students about my experiences with the subject (and because of this, I was awarded the ‘Student of the Year’ for ICT in my Y13 Leavers Assembly). I have also volunteered for the local library for the past 5 years, doing interactive digital events, like Minecraft stop-motion animation.

By Katie Hazel

Edge Hill University

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