A Day in the life of a Cambridge Natural Sciences Student


Memes To Genes (Seth)

A Day in the life of a Cambridge Natural Sciences Student

Hi I’m Seth, and I’m a second year biological natural sciences undergraduate student at Queens’ College Cambridge. The first thing that I do each morning is make myself a cup of tea. Now, this doesn't necessarily have to be English breakfast tea — it can be any from my extensive tea cupboard! I drink it watching the river from my window, and if I've woken up early I make lecture notes. My first lecture is ‘Evolution and Animal Diversity’ at 11, and I am met by a series of fascinating lectures who cover topics ranging from behavioural plasticity to population genetics. I have a second lecture, ‘Ecology, Evolution and Conservation’ at 12, which talks about conservation efforts across the globe and biodiversity. After this I have a break. Occasionally I will have a supervision this time, but if not I busy myself in the Zoology Department Balfour Library; I can sit there for hours, which is good because often I have to! I leave a little before 5 to give myself for another cup of tea before attending a ‘History of Philosophy of Science’ lecture at 5. These lectures are jam packed with vivid ideas and unexpected histories, which debunk myths about all your favourite scientists (Did you know Newton was an Alchemist?!).

My life is not just academia and tea - in the evenings I make time for theatre, whether I am busy writing sketches or running lines. My days are never the same, some are packed with labs and supervisions, some with lectures and rehearsals, and some with all of the above! It is just part of what makes being a Biological NatSci exciting, exhilarating and dynamic.

You can check out more of my life here and be sure to follow me on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter (@memestogenes)!