A Balanced Day


Rachel Ibbott

A Balanced Day

If there’s anything I’ve learned about how to cope with the hectic lifestyle of Cambridge, it’s the importance of balance. Hours spent in labs or in the library are countered and complemented by socialising, hobbies, and sleep. Much as I enjoy my course, these things contribute so much more to my university experience - from late nights up with friends, to early morning rowing training or watching student theatre. Of course too, though, there are the commitments to ‘staying healthy’ and particularly those prized 8 hours of sleep a night - I’m still getting the hang of that one.

But how do you replicate this balance at home, where your friends are miles away and rowing in the back garden is impossible? It’s all too easy for these isolation days to slip by, blurring into one. While many uni students still have work set to be getting on with (and the prospect of online exams looming for many), it’s still possible to balance out your days so that you have a break after a long term without slipping into sofa-mode entirely. There have been many articles from the media about this but it’s true - what better time to slip a new hobby into your day or do something you wouldn’t normally have time for? I’m trying to read some new fiction for the first time in a while, and hoping to make the most of my one government-sanctioned exercise trip per day. Houseparty is a great app for video-calling your friends, plus baking quality downtime from studying that also provides some much-needed snack food! Why not make a shortlist of some things you’d like to do and see how many you can tick off…

But however you choose to spend this time: stay safe and stay home!

Rachel is a 2nd year Natural Sciences student.