9 A* A Levels


Memes to Genes (Seth)

9 A* A Levels

My educational history was certainly a wild one, that eventually resulted in me hoarding a far too wide range of A levels before deciding what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go to university. For anyone feeling bleak, lost of motivation, or unsure where this is all leading, just know that if you keep up the hard work, it will all pay off eventually!

At 16 I enrolled at The BRIT School of Performing Arts. I began studying a theatre BTEC, equivalent to 3 A Levels. However, after my first year of studying there I really began to miss academia and so I picked up a range of AS’s, spanning from English lit/lang to Physics (You can see I was very confused). I graduated from the BRIT school at 18 with my BTEC an AS in Performing Arts and Further Maths, as well as an A Level in Maths. I was very unclear what direction I wanted to go into, and like any [ir]rational person, I thought it would be best to do some more A Levels, whilst I worked on and off as an actor.

Over the next two years I finished my Performing Arts A Level, while picking up and Theatre Studies, English Lit Lang, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I ended up getting A Levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Theatre Studies, Performing Arts, and AS’ in English Lit/Lang and Further Maths. These, on top of my BTEC, equivalent to 3 A*s, culminated to 9 A*s.

I didn’t always know where I was going to end up, but eventually I ended up somewhere where I was happy. You can watch more about it here and if you have a chance follow my youtube/twitter/instagram @memestogenes!